Supply Chain Frontiers Issue # 50


A Special Issue

This is the 50th issue of Supply Chain Frontiers, the electronic newsletter of the MIT Global SCALE Network. We also mark the 10th anniversary of the Zaragoza Logistics Center in this issue, the first center outside of the US in what was to become the SCALE Network.

How time flies! Our network has evolved rapidly over the last decade and now spans four continents. I do not know where we will be in another 10 years, but I am confident that the network will be even more extensive both geographically and in terms of its mission to serve the global supply chain community. Supply Chain Frontiers will still be publishing the latest news on SCALE research and center developments.

Thanks for staying with us; please stay tuned!

Feel free to send comments about Frontiers, and/or the SCALE network, to newsletter Editor Ken Cottrill.

Dr. Yossi Sheffi
Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems, MIT
Director, MIT CTL


4 Trends That Could Redefine Distribution in the US
What has the market for cell phones got in common with US distribution networks? The former has gradually converged on a dominant product design, and the latter might be going through a similar change that could lead to the creation of a new distribution model in the US.

Malaysia a Key Link in Asia’s Disaster Resilience Plan
Asia is prone to a range of disasters such as earthquakes and floods. A strategy based on the idea of sharing resources and knowledge across the region aims to make Asia more resilient to large-scale disruptions, and Malaysia is central to the plan.

A Dashboard for Change
Research on how scenario planning can be used to develop a bank of indicators that points the way to market changes is helping a European specialty chemical company to view the future in a different way.

Delivering Better Megacity Freight Traffic Regulation
One way to tackle the traffic problems that can bring megacities such as Brazil’s São Paulo to a virtual standstill, is to develop more effective traffic regulations. This is one of the main objectives of current research on freight traffic movements in sprawling urban areas.


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