Supply Chain Frontiers Issue #52



Crossroads 2014: Dances With Robots
Dr. Julie Shah, Head of the Interactive Robot Group, MIT, offers a foretaste of her talk at MIT CTL’s Crossroads 2014 in March, by explaining how choreographed robots on the factory floor can make supply chains more responsive.

A Logistics Sweet Spot for Brazilian Sugar
How a GCLOG capstone project is helping a multinational company to select the best transportation option for exporting sugar out of the Brazilian port of Santos.

Anatomy of Agility
Many companies strive to develop agile supply chains, but what exactly is agility in this context? Research being carried out by MISI faculty member David Gligor is answering that question.

Supply Chain an Employment Success Story in Europe
At a time when unemployment is at record highs in Europe and particularly Spain, every recent graduate of the MIT-Zaragoza Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program in Zaragoza, Spain, landed a job. Why is this ZLC program bucking the employment trend in Europe?

Has Co-Loading Finally Arrived?
Sharing truck space with other shippers in order to cut costs is a well established concept, but one that has been difficult to implement. New developments such as the availability of co-loading software could put the practice on the logistics map.


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