Supply Chain Frontiers Issue #54



MIT’s Digital Supply Chain Classroom Set for Global Launch

September 30, 2014, is a red letter day for supply chain education. That is when SCx, the ground-breaking on-line program developed by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, opens its digital doors to the world.

Profiting from Cost to Serve

Traditional methods for calculating Cost to serve do not make it easy to relate this important financial measure to real-world operations. A new approach developed by the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation addresses this shortcoming.

4 Features of an Improving Supply Chain

Technology and talent are two key elements of continuous improvement programs, but how do companies ensure that they are advancing in these areas? The Zaragoza Logistics Center offers a four-step guide.

A Better Distribution Blend for Coffee

A leading purveyor of coffee in China was experiencing intolerably high stock-out rates for food products. An award-winning thesis project at the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation looked at the problem and came up with four possible strategies.


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