The essence of Carolina Ciprés


An alumni success story: juggling work and master studies at ZLC

Since 2011, this remarkable woman has been multitasking like a true professional, wearing various hats of student and manager, involving foreign travel, speedy decision-making and a great deal of flexibility.

“This period was a steep but worthwhile learning curve, one of the keystones to the person I am today”, Carolina recalls her period as ZLOG student, when she acquired both analytical and managerial knowledge.

Proactive, meeting challenges head on and always staying calm under pressure.

A girl with a very bright future ahead of her: top of her year at uni here in Zaragoza, Chemical engineering graduate ranked 1st in her class, making the natural transition into work in the chemical industry.

She gained lots of experience in many different areas of the industry, including R&D. After joining ZLC in the Knowledge Transfer Office – first as Technician and later on as Project Manager – she developed relations with industry and academia through participation in networks, joint proposals and projects at regional, national and European level in collaboration with shippers, logistics operators, consulting companies and R&D centers.

Only this month has she been appointed Director of Research Programs at ZLC, a magnificent achievement.

“I will continue to strive for excellence to achieve global recognition of our innovative research projects”, Carolina states.

And so the essence of Carolina continues in our midst, here at ZLC.