The FUTUREMED strategic MED project presents the international conference “Opportunities and challenges for territorial integration of seaports”


ICT, Infrastructures and Services

Interoperable ICT solutions are key drivers to boost integration betweenseaports and their hinterland
A great opportunity for the MED ports to attract business is the reduction of thetransit time of goods to destination. Also passengers, both travelers and tourists,will benefit reduced transit times and information based services, both able tomake their mobility easier and cheaper. Interoperable ICT solutions alloweconomic operators both in ports and in the hinterland to improve themanagement of their activities and to be integrated at information level. Supplychain visibility, electronic exchange of documents, monitoring of transport means,cargo and operations, infomobility services for travelers are example of solutionsalready working and providing benefit to the economy and livability of a seaportterritory. Also related business sectors and the environment are enhanced.

The present and future of technologies

Key European speakers will discuss the present and future of e‐Navigation and e‐Maritime initiatives, the key role of Port Community Systems and othertechnological platforms, such as Uirnet, in the environment of information andcommunication technologies for transport and logistics.

The available solutions
Key speakers from the Mediterranean and Northern European Ports will presentsolutions and services for the improvement of port‐hinterland integration throughthe development of more efficient railway corridors. Key speakers from the MEDarea will discuss the Cruise market and the possibilities of ICT for the developmentof new solutions and services improving the cruise passenger experience andinvolving the port, the city and other related stakeholders.

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