“The two main qualities that I brought from ZLC are the operational way of thinking, meaning that you look for the most efficient way to do anything, and the team working”.


An Alumni success story: María Félez, Spanish

ZLC Graduate 2010
Strategy Analyst, Accenture, Spain

Looking through your impressive CV, it’s obvious you have amassed a great deal of experience on your journey. What were the most important qualities you brought from your studies at ZLC?

I think the two main qualities that I brought from ZLC are the operational way of thinking, meaning that you look for the most efficient way to do everything. Even when you are in a restaurant, you´re thinking how you could improve your procedures.

And the second quality, no less important, is, of course, team working. During my masters I learnt how to deal with people who had different skills and personalities, and happens in real world. Hence this quality has been very useful in my professional life since ZLC.

It comes as no surprise that someone as forward-thinking as yourself would direct their attention to the global digital market, and fill a hole. Impressively you are the co-founder of Transportemos, the first ever-online platform to improve the transport supply chain. Where did the idea come from?

The idea originally came from my masters, when I was studying the transportation module, but it was not until I came to Madrid and joined DIA that I realized that maybe the idea could become a real company.

And I was very lucky because I had help from ZLC to develop the Business Plan. María Jesus Saenz, who had been working on horizontal collaboration, gave me a lot of really useful advice and information.

Not merely a survivor, but rather a great achiever in whatever you set your mind to. You have excelled in so many areas, and been recognized accordingly (Best Student IE Business School 2014, Comprometi2.0, Madrid Yuzz 2013, Consulting Lab 2013 IE Business School, and Top 3 Economics Degree, Zaragoza): How does that feel?

What can I say? Very very happy! Even though for the last two years I had to work really hard I enjoyed it a lot. Not only did I learn extremely interesting aspects about how to create your own company but I met a lot of amazing people too. And I value that more than the awards that I won, although I am very proud of them too, of course!

Only last month, IE Woman of the Month! Congratulations! Maybe we should change that to person of the Year! Have you always been such a go-getter?

No, not at all. All the recognition came from Transportemos, but I was really lucky, there are a lot of entrepreneurs here in Spain with amazing ideas and projects. And the thing that surprised me more was, in the entrepreneurial environment, even when you are competing for the same investments, people never really compete. On the contrary they help each other and there is a lot of very helpful networking too.