The ZLC Summer Academy offers postgraduate students the chance to complete their training in Supply Chain Management


Zaragoza Logistics Center has now finalised the programme of its Summer Academy, a forum for postgraduate students from around the world with the aim of promoting both advances in supply chain management and the results of research in this field. The initiative, which is now in its eighth year, will take place between 1 and 10 July, and involve for programmes delivered by leading tutors from prestigious academic institutions.

Zaragoza, 12 March 2015

Zaragoza Logistics Center, the research centre promoted by the Regional Government of Aragon in partnership with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is already working on a new edition of its Summer Academy, now in its eighth year, the main aim of which is to create a forum for knowledge and debate serving to promote both advances in supply chain management and the results of research in this field.

The Summer Academy, which is intended for postgraduate students from all round the world, thus takes the form of an intense period of learning, debate and discovery of the fundamental concepts and latest trends in Supply Chains.

It will to this end once again draw on the skills of leading tutors from prestigious academic institutions on each of the four programmes which have been drawn up, to take place between 1 and 10 July.

The first of these, courtesy of IE Business School Professor Mikko Ketokivi, will address “The Rigour and Relevance of Operations Management Research”, with the aim of examining the value of scientific contributions in this field. Meanwhile, Sheldon Ross from the University of South California will deliver a programme entitled “Simulation”, focusing on techniques to reduce variability.
Nikolaos Trichaki of Harvard Business School will be sharing his experience of Robust Optimization, a relatively new methodology employed over the last 15 years to analyse and optimize the performance of complex systems subject to uncertainty. Lastly, the “Supply Chain Risk” programme will bring the Summer Academy to a close. On this course City University London Professor ManMohan S. Sodhi will analyse different supply chain risks, and how to manage them as they emerge.

Each of the programmes will last 9 hours, taking place over the course of three days, during which participants will have the chance to take part in a number of symposiums, company visits and cultural activities. The aim is not simply to ensure that the students receive the best possible training, but also to give them the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and ideas with other students from around the world, while also enjoying the city itself.

Meanwhile, students completing all the courses for which they have registered will receive a certificate of accreditation of their completion of the doctorate summer course on the MIT-Zaragoza programme, delivered by one of the research education partners of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the world’s leading university in the field of logistics and supply chains.

“My experience on the MIT Doctorate Summer Academy was unrivalled compared with other intensive training formulae. The diversity, combined with a global perspective on operations, logistics and the supply chain, gives the programme a unique capacity to attract first-class researchers,” explains the PhD, MBA and Assistant Professor of Healthcare Administration (HCAD) at the Langdale College of Business Administration at Valdosta State University, Ryan N. Schmidt, who took part in last summer’s Academy.

Similar opinions are voiced by Meshal Almofadhi, a postgraduate student of Logistics Clusters at Aston University in the UK, who views the experience as “useful, exceptional and highly recommended”. “For me it was a great opportunity: I was able to improve and develop my skills in professional logistics and the supply chain, and benefited from receiving training as part of a group of 20 students from different countries. The course was intensive and delivered by tutors with high-level qualifications in the field, belonging to institutions with a global reputation,” explains the student who attended the 2014 Academy.

All those wishing to take part can register up to 25 April. For further information and registrations, send an email to [email protected]

Professor Mark S. Daskin of the University of Michigan, teaching students at the Summer Academy for Postgraduates

Arizona State University Professor Thomas Y. Choi, during a previous Academy


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