ZLC Professor, María Jesús Sáenz, at the Supply Chain World Europe conference


Horizontal Collaboration and Orchestration: State-of-the-Art

Oct 21-23, 2012, Hilton Madrid Airport hotel

ZLC Professor, María Jesús Sáenz, on behalf of the EU CO3 Project consortium, talked about one of the key challenges to efficiency in the European transport systems; The barriers to enable horizontal collaboration between shippers, to make the European Logistics System more efficient and sustainable. Finding compatible partners and exchanging sensitive commercial information has proven to be uneasy for many companies.

The CO3 Project is about creating an operational and a legal framework for Horizontal Collaboration and develop appropriate business models. Certainly, there is huge potential for closing the efficiency gaps through horizontal collaboration between industry players from different supply chains in the distribution of goods. ZLC’s contribution to CO3 project is twofold: To identify the elements needed to build successful, long-term horizontal collaborative partnerships in freight transportation, and to pinpoint the mechanisms that encourage continuous improvement in these relationships.

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CO3 project website: http://www.co3-project.eu/