Official reference: IAP-600300-2008-29

Funding Body: Ministry of Industry

Type of Funding: Public

Main Researcher: Jesús Royo

Other Researchers: Paula Fernández, Mario Monsreal, Beatriz Bordetas, Carolina García, Daniel Betrán

Term: 01/01/2008 – 31/12/2009

Project Description

This project seeks to meet the following challenges:

  • To provide an automatic identification platform considered as a service for companies located at the PLAZA logistics park
  • To provide the PLAZA logistics platform with a unique and differentiating added value service for a logistics platform
  • To test and apply latest generation technologies within the field of automatic identification which still have a great deal to contribute in terms of their development and application to the logistics sector
  • To research the impact and improvements that automatic identification systems would bring to supply chain management in terms of its logistics processes.
  • To study the state of the art in automatic identification systems through the automatic identification laboratory located at the research facilities
  • To analyse the logistics processes involved in a logistics platform, both in terms of the interaction with the platform and internally in the companies located therein, establishing a standard of automatic identification requirements and needs for logistics platforms.
  • To estimate the resources needed for a laboratory to have identification elements applicable to supply chain management. This includes material equipment, software and hardware, as well as human resources, through training and new specialised staff. The goals are: to gain knowledge of, test, value and validate the different technologies; to identify any shortcomings requiring new development projects; to define criteria for installation, methodology, factors to be borne in mind, operation tests, analysis of data volume and impact on current information systems, among other activities

Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)