Competitiveness Improvement Plan for the Aragonese Logistics Sector – ALIA-


Official Reference: 5029711S193

Funding body: Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM), Ministry of Work and Immigration, Government of Aragon and the European Social Fund

Type of funding: Public

Main Researcher: Fernando Liesa

Other Researchers: Francisco Bordejé, Antonio Gargallo

Duration: 21/12/2011 to 07/21/2012


Project Description

The project’s main objective is to offer companies in the logistics sector Aragonese technical support on projects to develop, and seek potential partners and public funding programs to develop them. To promote participation of new entities, in the transport sector and logistics cluster Innovative Logistics Association of Aragon, ALIA, increasing the critical mass of resources and knowledge of it. Other activities wich will be developed:

• Promoting the participation of companies in the transport and logistics sector in R+D+i

• Offer members of ALIA consulting services in public funding programs to arrange collaboration projects


Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)