Multiprocess Platform for Information Exchange

Acronym: n/a
Project number: AEI-010500-2017-157
Funding Body: Ministry of Economy, Industry y Competitiveness
Type of funding: Public
Main Researcher: Susana Val
Start date: 01/07/2017
End date: 31/03/2018
Duration: 9 months

Project Description

The main objective of this project is the improvement of the efficiency of any type of process that involves different actors, which may belong to a single company or more than one. This improvement will occur in two levels:

  • Operational level, by increasing the visibility of the processes executed by the organizations and the interoperability of the systems of these organizations (connection of links within a supply chain).
  • Strategic level, providing companies with accurate information about their environment or competitive ecosystem for correct decision making.

This project aims to approach the intelligent supply chain model through a multi-company computing platform that improves business connectivity through supply chains that are intended to improve. With all the connections generated, if at the same time we treat all the data received from inside and outside the factory, infinite opportunities will be available to improve the competitiveness of the participating companies. Project will take advantage of the digital transformation to incorporate in the decisions all the information of suppliers, transport and especially the end user, hence the importance not only of improving within the factory, but to consider the industry across the entire supply chain:

  • Implementation of an innovative business solution using technologies for effective communication and subsequent processing of said information (data analytics).
  • Big data. Massive collection of data from the environment (data mining), for further processing and analysis, providing accurate information about the ecosystem of the company (competitors, customers, regulatory changes and technological surveillance).
  • Process control
  • Development and implementation of ICT applications and solutions in the company’s value chain

Participant entities


  • ALIA – Asociación Logística Innovadora de Aragón


  • Grupo Carreras
  • Logística Urbetrans
  • Idiogram
  • Fundación Zaragoza Logistics Center


Dr. Susana Val, Principal Investigator

“This project has received funding from the Ministry of Economy, Industry y Competitiveness”