New Technologies in Logistics Situation and trends


Funding Body: Botegón y Cuesta asociados

Main Researcher: Mozart Menezes

Term: 02/11/2007-31/12/2007

Project Description

The project consists in drafting a report on the situation and trends of new technologies in logistics.

Specifically, the project will look at the following.

1- Analysis and description of logistics processes

  • Supply chain and Logistics (definition)
  • Supply chain drivers
  • Supply chain management processes

2- Current practices in logistics processes management

  • Supply chain integration
  • Logistics Globalisation
  • Reduction of time-scales
  • Lean Management

3- Innovation and new technologies in the supply chain

  • Analysis and description of new technologies
  • Technical foundations
  • Fields of application
  • Sectoral application
  • Transversal practices

4- State of application and trends

Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)