Research Report on traceability technologies for the pharmaceutical industry supply chain


Funding Body: Federación de Distribuidores Farmacéuticos (FEDIFAR)

Main Researcher: Richard Pibernik

Term: 03/12/2006-18/12/2006

Project Description

The project deals with 3 main areas:

  1. General implications of traceability in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain:
    This point attempts to determine which are the main agents of the supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry and how these agents are affected by traceability legislation
  2. Traceability options:
    This point attempts to compare the different available technologies before making a final decision regarding the most appropriate technology to be implemented.
  3. Future Solutions:
    This point attempts to go further than the previous point, considering that choosing a technology must be done carefully, ensuring that the decision made is compatible with the technologies that may be viable in the future.

Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)