Supply Chain Risk and Incentive Analysis to Counter Drug Resistance


Project Description

Emergence of drug resistant is posing a major threat to global disease eradication programmes. This phenomenon is framed within global drug supply chains, which are inherently more risky than domestic supply chains due to the numerous links interconnecting a wide network of firms. The traditional approach to effective supply chain risk mitigation involves proper risk sharing among the player by using well aligned, effective incentives. The purpose of this project is to study incentive structures and risk management strategies in global supply chains, under the perspective of minimization the drug resistance built-up.

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Publications, invited talks and conferences

  • “Variety in the Anti-malarial Supply Chain”. Resources for the Future, Anti Malarial Strategies Meeting, South Africa March 2008.
  • “Supply Chain Incentives and Drug Resistance”. Read article for details of Dr. Yadav’s work with the Center for Global Development on the issue of Drug Resistance.