PhD Summer Academy

What are the benefits?

The PhD Summer Academy is an intense period of learning and debate with professors from prestigious Universities and ZLC researchers on the latest trends in the supply chain.

From 5,000 on

The Company will benefit from an exclusive sponsorship which includes:

Screen Visibility
Logo of the sponsor company projected onto the big screen during the awards ceremony

Corporate Presentation
30 minutes talk to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge with a presentation according to the theme of the event

Logo of the sponsor company included on the event’s page on ZLC website
Direct link to the company’s website

Social Media
Special mention of the sponsors in Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook channels
Live broadcast of the commencement ceremony on Facebook

Invitation Card
Visibility of the company in both the paper and digital invitation card that is sent to all students and alumni of ZLC, as well as to collaborating companies and institutions

Presence of the company in the printed agenda given to the attendees on the day of the event and in the digital version on the website.

Insertion of the logo of the sponsoring company in the accreditations of those attending the event

Welcome Pack
Inclusion of documentation in the welcome pack delivered to the attendees

2 seats
The sponsoring company can register two people for the event allowing unrestricted access to the attendees.

Special mention in the monthly newsletter sent to ZLC data base of 20.000 contacts

Press release sent to the media both before and after the event
Invitation to the media
Video news

Logo of the sponsor company included the roll-up located in the main entrance
Logo of the sponsor company included the roll-up located in the cocktail area

Display to leave corporate information of your company in the space of the cocktail

Annual Report
Special mention in the annual report sent to the strategic partners of ZLC and alumni