Testimonial Category: MDSC

Cristian Pina, MDSC 2020

“What finally made me decide to study the MDSC was the good references from my colleagues at HIAB. They are also graduates from the master’s degree and have done remarkable work from management positions in the company”. Read success story

Diego Torres, MDSC 2019

“Logistics professionals must be ready for change, designing their supply chain to carried out on a natural form, always putting to the customer at the center of their decisions.”

Jorge Ortiz, MDSC 2019

“The generation of value is increasingly influenced by the Supply Chain, where variables such as finance, carbon footprint and the reduction of cycle times, among others, are relevant factors in success. Therefore, programs such as the MDSC of ZLC become a great opportunity”.

Leticia Berdún, MDSC 2019

“I studied the MDSC because ZLC is a worldwide reference and prestige center. The training received has allowed me to achieve professional development according to my expectations and has given me a solid knowledge of the world of logistics”.

Jesus Soler

Jesús Soler, MDSC 2007

“Companies are increasingly looking to improve the efficiency of their Supply Chain and its processes. And here is the place where professionals with experience in the operations management can provide a solution.” Read success story

Alicja Babinska, MDSC 2010

“The idea of ​​applying for the position in IKEA arose from one of the visits we made in the Master to the warehouse in Valls. I kept good memories of the visit and that’s why I started looking for professional opportunities.” Read success story

Maria Felez

María Félez, MDSC 2010

“The two main qualities that I brought from ZLC are the operational way of thinking, meaning that you look for the most efficient way to do anything, and the team working.” Read success story

Mario Martinez

Mario Martínez, MDSC 2015

“The current challenges of the companies work hand in hand with the professionalization of logistics; skills, flexibility and technical knowledge are what make specialized executives key players in any company.”