Online Executive Program and Market Immersion for Entrepreneurs and Startups in the Supply Chain sector

  • September 23, 2020 - 14:30
  • Online
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Online Executive Program and Market Immersion for Entrepreneurs and Startups in the Supply Chain sector


Help startups become market-ready via a combination of academic sessions and market=insights:

  • Academic sessions (group sessions): enabling participants to discover the tools to align Supply Chain Core processes for operational excellence and to adopt value as a principle to deliver superior performance.
  • Market Immersion (one-on-one sessions): Startup assessment report, business tear-down and feedback from customers/investors
  • Innovation Directory: Select startups will be featured in the Supply Chain Labs Innovation Directory which is accessible to corporate members of Supply Chain Labs

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Logistics companies founders/entrepreneurs.

Participants to the program will attend online academic sessions that will combine experts from industry plus faculty sessions.

  • Network Design | 1 session
    Professor:Dr. Milos Milenkovic
  • Transport Optimization | 3 sessions
    Professor: Dr. Milos Milenkovic
  • Supply Chain and Finance | 2 sessions
    Professor: Dr. Spyros Lekkakos
  • Demand Supply Optimization | 4 sessions
    Professor: Dr. Çagri Gürbüz
  • Research trends at European level | 1 session
    Professor: Carolina Ciprés
  1. Startup assessment report and scorecard that evaluates the startup from an investor’s perspective  on fundamental parameters including market, product, team, traction, business model, etc.
  2. One-on-one session with either an investor or a corporate, along with experts from the Supply Chain Labs team. This session will provide founders actionable insights to strengthen their business.

The Supply Chain Labs Innovation Directory showcases startups that are disrupting supply chain, warehousing and logistics across the following sectors:

  1. Procurement 
  2. Storage & Warehousing 
  3. Distribution 
  4. Logistics 
  5. Production 
  6. Retailing 
  7. Post sales support
  8. Supply Chain Finance 
  9. Urban mobility


Sept 23: Training, prework week

Sept 28-Oct 9: Remote academic sessions

90 minutes per session, online

Week of October 13 – Market Immersion – One-on-one sessions with industry veterans

A certificate of course completion will be provided to participants. The certificate will be issued by ZLC-MIT Global SCALE Network, and will be signed by the Director of ZLC. It is required at least 70% of attendance to obtain the certificate.

Zaragoza Logistics Center
Avenida de Ranillas 5, 5A (EXPO)
50018 Zaragoza, SPAIN
T. +34 976 019 268
[email protected]

This program is jointly organized by
Supply Chain Labs and
ZLC – MIT Global SCALE Network

Top-Notch Professors

Çagri Gurbuz

Dr. Çagri Gürbuz

Professor, MIT-Zaragoza
Research Affiliate, MIT CTL

Milos Milenkovic

Dr. Milos Milenkovic

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

Dr. Spyros Lekkakos

Assistant Professor, MIT-Zaragoza
Research Affiliate, MIT CTL

Carolina Ciprés

Carolina Ciprés

Director of Research,
Zaragoza Logistics Center

Industry veterans (Market Immersion Sessions)

2019 Edition

“It’s been an amazing week learning about supply chain and finance, network design and transport optimization. It feels really good to go back to school and see how these concepts can be implemented in our day to day business.”

Varun Biyani

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  • Start Date:September 23, 2020
  • Start Time:14:30
  • End Date:October 9, 2020
  • End Time:18:00
  • Location:Online