Dr. Behzad Samii

Dr. Behzad Samii

PhD Graduate 2009

Amir Behzad Samii is the Eandis chaired professor of operations and supply chain management at Vlerick Business School (VBS) Belgium.

As the winner of the 2010 and 2013 Best Teacher Awards, he lectures at Belgian and Russian graduate programs, as well as at the International MBA at Peking University.

Behzad has worked in operations and technology management for over two decades leading consulting projects, educating executives and developing technology. In this tenure, he has also held various managerial roles internationally at for example Apple Computer and Schlumberger oilfield services.

He has developed graduate-level courses in supply chain management, production and operations management, and has extensive experience using management integration simulation exercises to develop structured decision making and leadership skills. Behzad is a computer hardware engineer and has received MSc and PhD in supply chain management from the MIT-Zaragoza international logistics program.