Supply Chain Frontiers Issue #57



The Myth of a Single Truckload Market Rate
The traditional method used to calculate lane based market rates in truckload (TL) transportation is deeply flawed. In fact, research carried out by Dr. Chris Caplice, Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, shows that this commonly accepted value does not really exist because it is not a true reflection of TL operations.

A Platform for Improving Corporate Memory
The working knowledge that individuals take with them when they leave a project or organization is extremely valuable, and represents a significant loss for enterprises and teams. A project that involves the Zaragoza Logistics Center to develop a database of this knowledge for supply chain planners aims to overcome the problem.

Putting Logistics on the Public Policy Map in Colombia
Efficient transportation infrastructure is critically important to Colombia’s future economic growth. A research team at the Center for Latin-American Logistics Innovation is promoting infrastructural investments by educating legislators and other government officials on the importance of the country’s trade arteries.

MISI Appoints New Rector
Another Chance to Take a Supply Chain MOOC
Malaysia First for IAME Conference
ZLC Research Forum in May
Summer Academy Program Confirmed
MIT CTL Student Research Showcase
Exec. Ed. Course Focuses on Competitive Advantage

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MIT SUPPLY CHAIN FRONTIERS Issue # 57, Spring 2015

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