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Supply Chain Risk and Incentive Analysis to Counter Drug Resistance

Project Description Emergence of drug resistant is posing a major threat to global disease eradication programmes. This phenomenon is framed within global drug supply chains, which are inherently more risky than domestic supply chains due to the numerous links interconnecting a wide network of firms. The traditional approach to effective supply chain risk mitigation involves […]


Research on the mechanisms that affect the incorporation of RFID technologies into the supply chain and analysis of how to innovate in the logistics processes of companies with a view to making the most of the advantages offered by this emerging technology

Funding Body: Electronic data systems España S.A. (EDS) Main Researcher: María Jesús Sáenz Term: 05/06/2005-There is no actual term. It is implicitly extended every year Project Description The aim of this project is to create a partnership framework between both bodies in the field of logistics, focused especially on RFID technologies and more specifically on: […]