An Integrated Approach to Enhance Food Systems Resilience, Advocating for Food Security and Uninterrupted Food Supply

Acronym: SecureFood
Project number: 101136583
Funding Body: European Commission – Horizon Europe
Type of funding: Public
Main Researcher: Luca Urciuoli
Start date: 01/01/2024
End date: 30/06/2027
Duration: 42 months

Project description

SecureFood adopts an integrated, systems-thinking approach that acknowledges and embraces the complexity of food systems, addressing them as an interconnected network of actors, elements, activities, processes, infrastructures, and essential services related to the production and delivery of food. Based on this approach, it brings together, as consortium partners, multiple actors of the food supply chain itself, such as producers, food and beverages industries retailers and consumers, but also actors supporting the functioning of the supply chain, such as bulk carriers and road transport carriers.

The actors network also includes Ministries and entities operating under their auspices responsible for coordinating national resilience-building efforts. The ultimate goal is to address the aforementioned food security challenges, by creating an ecosystem of scientific knowledge, collaborative processes, and digital tools. This ecosystem will provide evidence-based indications on the risks and vulnerabilities of different value chains (grain, fruits & vegetables, fish& aquaculture products, milk & dairy products) in different geographic contexts, and will contribute in a structured manner to the safeguarding of food security before and during crises, and to the reinforcement of food systems resilience.

The cornerstone of SecureFood will be a Food Systems Resilience Management Framework with interlinked resilience and sustainability orientations as well as a Resilience Governance Framework that draws on collaborative principles and adopts inclusive and participatory processes to ensure successful cooperation between experts and stakeholders. The SecureFood ecosystem will be developed, tested and demonstrated for different case studies, one of which addressing a currently ongoing food security crisis, i.e. Ukraine’s grain value chain that has been severely impacted by Russia’s invasion and the disruption in grain shipments that has pushed millions of people into poverty or food insecurity.


Participant entities


  • European Dynamics Luxembourg SA, Luxembourg


  • European Dynamics Advanced Information Technology and Telecommunication Systems Sa, Greece (Third Party)
  • Ergastiria Galanakis E E, Greece
  • Fundacion Zaragoza Logistics Center, Spain
  • Empractis E.E. Symvouloi Michanikoi, Greece
  • Dnv Business Assurance Italy Srl, Italy
  • Iris Technology Solutions, Sociedad Limitada, Spain
  • Leibniz-Institut Fuer Agrarentwicklung In Transformationsoekonomien (Iamo), Germany
  • Erevnitiko Panepistimiako Institouto Systimaton Epikoinonion Kai Ypologiston, Greece
  • Laurea-Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy,Finland
  • Exus Software Monoprosopi Etairia Periorismenis Evthinis, Greece
  • Innov-Acts Limited, Cyprus
  • Carr Communications Limited, Ireland
  • Cosmoship Maritime Limited, Cyprus
  • National University Of Life And Environmental Sciences Of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Ministry Of Agrarian Policy And Food Of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • All-Ukrainian Public Organisation Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, Ukraine
  • Association Ukrainian Agribusinessclub, Ukraine
  • Ellinikos Georgikos Organismos – Dimitra, Greece
  • Luonnonvarakeskus, Finland
  • Enosi Katanaloton Poiotita Tis Zois, Greece
  • Roussas Anonymi Etaireia, Greece
  • Spread European Safety and Sustainability Geie, Italy
    • Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires, France (Third Party)
    • Syndesmos Ellinikon Viomichanion Trofimon Somateio, Greece (Third Party)
    • Lebensmittelversuchsanstalt, Austria (Third Party)
    • Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije, Slovenia (Third Party)
    • Federacao Das Industrias Portuguesas Agro-Alimentares, Portugal (Third Party)
    • Potravinarska Komora Ceske Republiky, Czechia (Third Party)
    • Federazione Italiana Dell Industriaalimentare Associazione, Italy (Third Party)
    • Federacion Espanola de Industrias de la Alimentacion y Bebidas, Spain (Third Party)
    • Turkiye Sut Et Gida Sanayicileri Veureticileri Birligi Dernegi, Türkiye (Third Party)
  • Building Integrated Greenhouses, Belgium
  • Mc Shared Services Sa, Portugal
    • Modelo Continente Hipermercados S.A., Portugal (Third Party)
  • Elafina Anonymi Etaireia, Greece


Contact data:

For more information about the project, please contact:

Dr. Luca Urciuoli, Principal Investigator, [email protected]

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101136583.