Better Understanding the Role of Private Sector in Health Systems


Funding Body: The Rockefeller Foundation, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Type of Funding: Private

Main Research: Prashant Yadav

Other Researchers: Laura Rock Kopczak, Michael Laverty, Santiago Kraiselburd

Term: 01/04/2008-31/10/2008

Project Description

This study has two objectives:

  1. to provide an understanding of the current and potential role for the private sector in health supply chains
  2. to provide recommendations regarding how national governments, policymakers, private investors, international donors and foundations should think about investment in private sector health care initiatives for LMICs

We define health supply chain as the network of entities that plan, source, fund, and distribute products and manage associated information and finances from manufacturers through intermediate warehouses and resellers to dispensing and health service delivery points. This paper puts a primary focus on the activities of the for-profit private sector and the deployment of for-profit best practices by other sectors in the health supply chain. It is informed by in-depth case studies of health supply chains in Ghana and Zambia, as well as by interviews of over 40 supply chain and health experts in 12 countries about private sector initiatives in those countries. Over 40 private sector-oriented initiatives which seek to bring new models to LMIC supply chains were identified and reviewed.

Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center