Fostering Logistics Innovation in Aragonese companies – Association of Innovative Logistics of Aragón – (Part 2)


Official Reference: 5029710A446

Funding body: Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM), Government of Aragon and the European Social Fund

Type of funding: Public

Main Researcher: Fernando Liesa

Other Researchers: Francisco Bordejé, Daniel Mainar

Duration: 14-10-2010 to 14.04.2011


Project Description

The project aims to support concrete companies and jointly analyze their innovation needs and vision of long-term business. The analysis aims to find innovative projects for the company yo undertake, providing support in setting up the project, identifying potential partners (research centers, companies…) and public funding for development projects. It also aims to inform the companies of the development in R&D in transport and logistics.

Also to define a program to support the creation of innovative knowledge-based companies. With all of this, is intended to establish a basis for the development of an innovative culture within the Aragonese Logistic sector, in order that the companies can develop their technological capabilities and long-term dynamism.

 • To join the cluster companies, creating a collaborative environment, to address problems in a comprehensive and systematic way. Indicator: Number of companies assigned to the cluster

 • To face and increase the number of major projects in R&D proposed by companies. Indicator: Number of projects

 • To support cluster members in standardization, training, advising on public funding programs for the implementation of collaborative projects. Indicator: Number of support services

 • To identify common needs of companies and find innovative solutions. Indicator: Number of interviews with companies


Participating Organizations

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC)