Logistic Models for Hydrogen Distribution and Supply


Acronym: SPHERA
Financing Body: Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce
Main Researcher: Jarrod Goentzel
Other Researchers: Mozart Menezes, Jorge Barnett, Rosemary Berger
Term: 14/02/2007-13/06/2010

Project Description

The main aim is to develop a comprehensive hydrogen supply chain decision-making support model to analyse and assess existing storage and distribution systems connecting production and consumption.

The analytical component in the model is very significant but this does not mean that it is removed from practicality. In fact, the following concepts are key in the analysis: target efficiency rates of various production, storage and transport technologies; the compromise between centralised and distributed production; the adequate network of distribution installations and services to adjust supply and demand; and the impact of several

The research carried out in this project shall define a comprehensive decision-making support model, using principles from commercial supply chains, systems engineering and operations research and, most importantly, that can be used to analyse the Hydrogen Supply Chain, as well as to weigh complex alternatives.

The aim is to develop a model of optimisation of the hydrogen network that also enables a strategic evolution of the existing technologies for production, storage and distribution of hydrogen (based on the latest research development of the CENIT and other projects). More ore specifically, the aim is to develop a decision-making support model that takes into account, valuing the strategic aspect of planning, the entire network of hydrogen supply chains, from production to end users.

The plan is to evaluate scenarios of the Economy of Hydrogen as and when different commercial phases are reached with a time horizon as distant as 2030.

Participating Organizations

  • Coordinator: ACCIONA Biocombustibles, S.A.
  • Zaragoza Logistics Center
  • ACCIONA Infraestructuras, S.A.
  • ACCIONA Energía
  • Fuerzas Eléctricas de Zaragoza, S.L (ENÁTICA)
  • Gas Natural SDG
  • Ingeteam
  • Guascor Ingeniería, S.A.
  • Ros Roca Indox Cryo Energy
  • Guascor, S.A.
  • Lecitrailer, S.A.
  • Naturgas Energía Distribución
  • Elcogas, S.A.
  • Ariema Enerxia
  • Pigmaly
  • Repsol YPF
  • Enática Energías Renovables (FEZAR)
  • Calmain
  • Lapesa Grupo Empresarial S.L.
  • Gala Sol