Supply Chain Automatic Identification Laboratory


Acronym: Log.iD Lab

Official reference: DPI2005-03269

Funding Body: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Department of Programmes and Knowledge Transfer

Type of Funding: Public

Main Researcher: María Jesús Sáenz Gil de Gómez

Other Researchers: Jesús Antonio Royo Sánchez, Susana Val Blasco, Carolina García, Prashant Yadav, Mario Monsreal Barrera, Fernando Roldán, Richard Pibernik

Term: 31/12/2005 – 30/12/2008

Project Description

The Supply Chain Automatic Identification Laboratory is part of Zaragoza Logistics Center, which saw the need to lead in the knowledge of auto-ID technology as an opportunity to change supply chain management. Globalisation has made many countries set up new processes and strategies to gain market share and keep their lead over competitors. Supply chain management has become a pivotal element for achieving this aim. For this reason, logistics processes are continuously improving through new strategies and through the use of new technologies that facilitate operations. Thus, auto-ID technology systems have been created for greater control of references, such as barcodes, radiofrequency or RFID. Hence the need for the creation of a Supply Chain Automatic Identification Laboratory, which makes it possible to research business models that adapt new technologies providing improvements to the logistics processes of their global supply chains. The laboratory has been created with a view to developing and researching logistics processes in significant industries such as food, pharmaceutical, textile and retail. The following aims have been achieved during the Automatic Identification Laboratory project:

  • Creation of a Laboratory of auto-ID systems in logistics processes management. During the years when the project was active, the Zaragoza Logistics Center auto-ID laboratory was created and established, providing it with equipment and identification tools as well as with qualified staff.
  • Acquiring and extending knowledge and experience of new technologies and auto-ID systems emerging in the world market, such as: Optics, Radiofrequency, Wireless Sensor Networks and others. Especially RFID and its standard EPCglobal, a technology which is still being developed and evolving, despite it already offering many improvements in the field of auto-ID . This is why it is relevant, given that the achievements of this technology can change the way of working and the processes in the logistics sectors, by notably improving efficiency, visibility and traceability of the supply chain.
  • Research projects The laboratory has taken part in/led the planning, development and monitoring of different projects. The aim of these projects is to understand the current application of the different identification technologies as well as proposing new, better solutions for each case.
  • Attracting leading partners in the field of auto-ID. The laboratory has attracted the collaboration of different leading companies in the field of auto-ID. Thus the laboratory has benefited and still benefits from the experience and knowledge of companies that develop or implement these systems, helping it obtain an overall view of the real problems encountered in implementation and development. The laboratory’s partners are: AECOC, EDS, a HP company, Sun Microsystems, Intermec Technologies S.A., Alfaland Sistemas, Comex Sistemas, Distromel S.A., Icnita S.L., Movilitas, Neoris, Psion Teklogix, Siemens S.A., Telefónica I+D, Trace Tecnologías, Idom, TB-solutions.
  • Dissemination of results. The laboratory has disseminated its acquired knowledge at the events and in the publications where it has taken part. This dissemination has been carried out nationally and internationally.

Participating Organizations

Fundación Zaragoza Logistics Center