Topic: Supply Chain Digitalization


Supply Chain Automatic Identification Laboratory

Acronym: Log.iD Lab Official reference: DPI2005-03269 Funding Body: Ministry of Science and Innovation. Department of Programmes and Knowledge Transfer Type of Funding: Public Main Researcher: María Jesús Sáenz Gil de Gómez Other Researchers: Jesús Antonio Royo Sánchez, Susana Val Blasco, Carolina García, Prashant Yadav, Mario Monsreal Barrera, Fernando Roldán, Richard Pibernik Term: 31/12/2005 – 30/12/2008 […]


Research on the mechanisms that affect the incorporation of RFID technologies into the supply chain and analysis of how to innovate in the logistics processes of companies with a view to making the most of the advantages offered by this emerging technology

Funding Body: Electronic data systems España S.A. (EDS) Main Researcher: María Jesús Sáenz Term: 05/06/2005-There is no actual term. It is implicitly extended every year Project Description The aim of this project is to create a partnership framework between both bodies in the field of logistics, focused especially on RFID technologies and more specifically on: […]