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ZLC will participate in the next edition of SIL Barcelona

ZLC will participate in the next edition of SIL Barcelona as speakers and exhibitors within the Aragón Logistics Platform. The 22nd SIL edition presents its slogan "Our success, your business growth" that stresses the leadership of the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition, which last year counted with a 40 % of international companies. At the same time, year after [...]

Ciclo de desayunos “Logística: presente y futuro”

Ciclo "Logística: presente y futuro". La crisis provocada por Covid-19 ha puesto de manifiesto la importancia de disponer de cadenas de suministro eficaces y efectivas, y ha acelerado la implantación de nuevas tecnologías y formas de hacer.  La Federación de Empresas Químicas y Plásticas de Aragón, consciente de esta situación, ofrece a sus asociados, con [...]
Ferias Fairs 2021 ZLC

Calendar of Fairs and Info Sessions 2021

Would you like to work in the logistics sector that is constantly growing? In ZLC we offer you the proper education to acquire the profile that companies are demanding. Following are the Education Fairs we will attend, where we could explain you the opportunities offered by taking ZLC masters. EMPLOYMENT FAIR - UNAV ONLINE MARCH [...]
Global Transportation

MAKERS & MOVERS Global Transportation Access and Cost

Global challenges require solutions and collaboration at a global level. We will create a forum where like-minded decision-makers and experts from all facets of the logistics and supply chain arenas come together to share, learn and come up with better solutions to tackle the global challenges surrounding transportation. 2021 is still at the beginning and [...]